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ho would argue with the premise that the pace of life today seems increasingly more hectic? With that, it seems there is no end to the number of marketing messages we are subjected to each day. Statistics vary and the actual number is not important but Consumer reports estimates that the average American sees over 250 marketing messages daily, while the Phoenix Business Journal has the number at closer to 600. It's probably a safe bet to say that it is virtually impossible to escape marketing messages of one sort or another in almost every aspect of daily life.

It's natural for business to want to grow and spread word of it's offerings. As a business, you want to bring word of your offerings to market, but in as effective a manner as possible to maximize the return on investment. I think one of the newest and most exciting ways to market your product or service to customers in these densely saturated times is with web video.

Breaking through the marketing din is a challenge; even more so when you consider the ever increasing number of websites that all want you to visit them. Video can help you get discovered, as reported by Marketing Week, greater than 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google included video. Forrester Research says to this point, that the chances of getting listed on Google increase over 50 times simply by adding web video.

With web video, viewers are choosing to watch, and devote their attention entirely at that moment, so unlike a normal television commercial, (which is hastily ignored) your potential customer is paying more complete attention, ideally to learn and gain information about your product or service, ultimately to form a more informed purchasing decision.

These days, people are more savvy and are less impressed with just a website. They're hungry for information and more likely to give credibility to an organization with a well produced video. 52 percent of consumers say that watching a product video influences their purchasing decision, according to Invodo.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth at least a million, or rather 1.8 million, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Nearly 80% of Internet users say that they recall watching a video about a product on a website within the past 30 days, with 46% of them making a purchasing decision according to the Online Publishers Association.

There's no denying the popularity of YouTube and it's just getting bigger. According to ComScore, approximately 90 million people watch online videos daily. YouTube boasts more than 700 videos shared on Twitter each minute.

Furthermore, YouTube's own statistics lay claim to an average of greater than one billion unique visits each month, with viewers spending more than four billion hours watching videos. That breaks down to a staggering 500 years worth of video watched every day!

It all comes down to this; adding video to your website will:
Help you get ranking with search engines
Engage your site visitors and keep them on your pages longer
Aid in converting your visitors to customers
Help you in growing your social media presence
Increase your brand recognition

Your competitors are getting their videos watched, gaining followers on social media, and influencing their customer's purchasing decisions. If you don't have a compelling, captivating, and well-produced, you're missing out!

StarNet Solutions can help you create a meaningful web video. Whether you need on site shooting or captivating visuals, we can create that look you're after.

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StarNet Solutions has been developing websites since 2001. The number one difference between StarNet Solutions and other firms is our level of care.

We treat each website as if it were our own. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and continue to reach out to us to realize ever increasing success.

At StarNet Solutions, we can help with every phase of your Web venture.

Whether you have a new business needing a new identity and branding, or you need a new website, want to make an engaging video about your brand or service, need complex functionality, a mobile application, or help getting found on the Internet, with more than 13 years of experience, StarNet Solutions can do all of this and more.

Our services include:
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