VIDEO PRODUCTIONCan we get your pixels moving?


Moving pixels catch your visitor’s eye, hold their attention, and can direct them to a certain part of the page. They also just plain look cool!

From animated logos, to 100% custom rendered 3D computer generated animations, we can create and shoot it all.

Traditionally, video production has always been a complex, time-consuming, and expensive undertaking. Now-a-days, seems anyone with a cell phone thinks they're the next Martin Scorsese as they can't wait to hit upload straight to YouTube®

Is there a happy medium?

StarNet Solutions can make you a star on the Net! With our sophisticated post-production techniques, we'll give you that million dollar production value look.

On-site video shooting available within the Phoenix metro area.

Is your inner diva struggling to be let out? Our process is simple, and we'll help you through it, every step of the way. Video ads are the most effective way to garner attention and direct viewers to take action. Adding video to your website will:

  • Help you get ranking with search engines by increasing user actions and time on site
  • Engage your site visitors and keep them on your pages longer
  • Aid in converting your visitors to customers
  • Help you in growing your social media presence
  • Increase your brand recognition

Example of commercials we've produced for local businesses

No5 Hair Company – Gilbert – Scripted Ad

Atlas Health Medical Group – Gilbert – Scripted Ad

The Crew Cleaning Services - Mesa - Scripted Ad

Partnering with other agencies, we're able to arrange shooting in locations outside of Arizona. There's plenty to see on our YouTube channel, and here are some example of videos produced in conjunction with our affiliated remote production teams.

Graphics Factory – 1 Minute – Scripted Ad

REGREEN – 2 Minute – Video News Release

Keep Doggie Safe – 1 Minute – Video Profile

Types of Video

Video Scripted Ads

Scripted Ads

Completely scripted and professional online commercials complete with voiceovers and music, designed to drive traffic and acquire new customers.

Video Profile

Video Profile

Overviews of a company, product, service or place, complete with personal interviews, designed to engage, educate and attract new business.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Professionally shot interviews discussing businesses, products or services, designed to build customer trust and loyalty.

Video News Release (VNR)

Video News Release (VNR)

Company announcements produced as professional news pieces, often delivered in conjunction with traditional, written press releases.

Custom Videos

Custom Videos

Professional video content customized to meet client requirements.


The above graphic is an animated image called a GIF file. One of the benefits of GIF animations is that every type of browser on every type of device can display them without any other software necessary, and they are one of the many ways we can show animation on the Internet.

This animation was conceived and animated here at StarNet Solutions, and we are particularly proud of the fact that it contains the maximum number of frames possible for this type of file.

Through our years of experience, we have become familiar with all of the possible ways to create motion on the screen and deliver it over the Internet, in order to make pixels dance.

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