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s many of our clients already know, customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, here at StarNet Solutions. While this is often stated, we put their money where our mouth is.

This month, we're going to look at a recent client who loved the way their website looked, but hated using it. They came to StarNet Solutions asking if there was something that could be done.

While not every day, changes needed to be made to business hours, addresses, days of operation, and telephone numbers, since the client had many branch offices within its firm. The process of updating this information was daunting to the site owners. In addition, the site was not very fast, nor very responsive (to mobile devices), and much of the JavaScript interactivity was broken.

As previously stated, the client loved the way the site looked already, so no design changes were needed or were to be made.

This was the the job.

Starting first with the rendered HTML pages, StarNet Solutions already had the pieces and the layout. Beginning with this, the front-end team went to work ensuring that the site would respond properly to the myriad devices that would be visiting the site. Right after this, problematic JavaScript was identified, and the issues corrected.

Meanwhile the back end engineers started work on a custom content management system so that information on inside pages could be updated with ease. An open sourced solution would not be able to achieve the desired ease of use requirement, as whatever is on the market was not created for this purpose. Instead, by programming a customized solution, fields specifically designed to handle hours of operation, or telephone numbers made the job of creating and updating branch information easy.

One of the great things this client had done was to take pictures of each branch in such a way, that a virtual walk-through could be achieved. This allows site visitors to take a virtual tour through each facility seeing with their own eyes, the decor and features of each facility. Adding this feature to each branch's page nicely completed the web experience.

With the website finished, the work of ensuring that the client's business could be found in the highly competitive arena of weight loss began in earnest.

Results matter, not only in weight loss, but in search engine optimization. This client currently ranks at the top of the returned search results for each office's geographic region -- no small task! It just goes to show that StarNet Solutions' blend of video, web, and SEO efforts are designed to achieve the required and desired results their clients are looking for.

Perhaps most demonstrative of the satisfaction this client enjoys, is the fact that there are no recurring fees associated with StarNet Solutions' development work. And, the initial budget required to obtain the entire site rebuild was less than what that client spent on a monthly basis with their former web firm!

It's easy to pay a lot for things, especially with unscrupulous proprietors preying on the ignorance of the uninformed. I learned early on, from my experiences dealing with car mechanics that not all are the same. Some if not most were willing to capitalize on my ignorance of car engines. When I found someone that I knew I could trust (because he had actually performed service on my car for me at no charge when the job was tiny), I was happy to pay him what he said the job would cost because he demystified things and was transparent in his business dealings with me.

That's how we run the show here at StarNet Solutions. We hope to be able to share our experience and business practices with you.