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discovered a new service via one of the many Facebook connections I have. Normally, I don't have time for 95% of the fluff that's out there, but in this case, I learned about a website that provides professionals an opportunity to interface with perspective new clients.

Now, I certainly DO have time for growing my business so I took a look at the site. It is FREE to join, however they take a percentage if the lead turns into work. Pretty standard stuff...

To be perfectly frank, they ask that we promote them, and I am. I mean, they're promoting me, so what's fair is fair. So, with this, you have a man-on-the-street promoting another business, because they have given me a platform to promote my own business.

Listen, if you want another place to grow your business for FREE, then check them out. You've got nothing to lose and you gain another place to list your business improving your reach on the World Wide Web, for free. I say do it!

Have a look at my FREE profile here:
StarNet Solutions

Thanks for reading and good luck with your business!