Mixes by Eli Star

Private Collection

  1. Bedroom DJ

    Mixed in 2002, Bedroom DJ was so named as a double entendre meaning both a DJ who only plays in his bedroom, and music mixed by DJ, suitable for listening in the bedroom.

  2. Meditation Medication

    Mixed in 2007 to celebrate digital DJing arriving to the homestead, this complilation is designed to induce heightened states of audio ecstacy.

  3. Towards the Sun

    Mixed in 2008 onboard the interplanetary spaceship "Kashyyyk" after abduction from aliens insistant upon hearing some shmokin' choons. I mean, what are you going to say to a bunch of very determined, dance music starved, interplanetary visitors?

  4. No jokE

    Mixed in 2009, with a new year, a new president, and an uncertain future bringing both boundless potential and stark terror to the mix.

  5. Shine

    2010 is fast approaching and it's time to hit the decks. Listening to weird music can rot your brain and make your brain rot.

  6. From The Depths

    Four on the floor provides the propulsion for a deeply intense journey through sonicly energized, modernisticly stylized, and pumpingly prolific house music. Make sure to reinforce your hull plating to withstand the crushing gravitational pull of the grinding bass.

    The tempo is pretty consistant on this mix, although we do get a little deep. Sure, there are the spacey bits too, but this is a mix of some of my favorite tunes to work out to. Sweat and enjoy. Mixed in 2010.

  7. Desire

    Inspired by visions of tantrikas dancing in jubilant abandon after a divine puja with Charu, this mix came about over an extended weekend of honoring the self. Being across the board, the tempo ebbs and flows yet always maintains a beat of one kind or another.

    Mixed in 2010, there are some classic older songs and some rare remixes of classic tunes like Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" and Underworld's "Two Months Off" that are redone with a little more of a modern style to keep it fresh. Namaste.

  8. Return of the Bedroom DJ

    This one goes out to all the yonis-- WE LOVE YOU!

    Just how decadent is it to have your very own DJ serving up deliciously delightful down tempo as a soundtrack for your bedroom adventures? "Highly decadent!" we answer-- and we wouldn't have it any other way...

    Returning with a better bedroom, and-- much as wine gets better with age, we like to believe our DJ continues to get better with time, becoming deeper, deeper still, and even deeper-- ever broadening the horizon line beyond any perceived limitations.

    This is a down-tempo mix and as an added bonus, is 2.5 hours long! Just perfect for those occasions when one has reason to enjoy some extra time in the sack.

    Serving suggestion: Play mix on good sound-system, add delicious friend(s) as desired, disappear in bliss.

All music © respective copyright holders. All mixes © Eli Star.